Show me the Evidence!

Richard Dawkins lays out some of the evidence for biological evolution in The Greatest Show on Earth. No doubt, any creationists who do dare to read the book will don blinders before reading.

Creationists blow one's mind ... or is it that their minds are blown?

They demonstrate the long-suspected principle that religion and logic do not mix. Oh sure, religion has provoked a considerable amount of desperate philosophical imaginings, but no cogent arguments for the existence of any deity. A cogent argument provides acceptable premises and logical links to a supported conclusion. Imaginings are not acceptable premises. Only concepts can be defined into existence.

In essence, there are two chief forms of existence ... physical and conceptual. To exert a meaningful impact, such as creating a physical universe for instance, an agent must be physical. So, "proof" of such an agent would only require physical demonstration. Nobody disputes the existence of god concepts. Thousands of deities have been invented. The problem is that we have no incontrovertible evidence for the physical existence of the conceptualized potent Creator, aka God.

Evolution can be physically demonstrated. If you cannot get to a museum, you can read of the physical evidence for biological evolution.

In keeping with their fatal attraction for fallacies of logic, creationist cannot, or will not, see that they are creating a false dichotomy when they attack biological evolution. Even if the modern synthesis (scientists are way beyond Darwinism) were incorrect, this would not mean that their imagined deity exists. Look under any anti-evolutionist and you will find an argument to ignorance. Typically, you will also find a great deal of ignorance too.

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