YouTube is a Goldmine!

If you are looking for faulty English.

"Religious beliefs were probarly created by uncertainity, which after each retelling of the stories of it slowly vanished.

People were acceptable to the claims of it because of the vunrability of the child brain."

The poor English is rather amusing. I am so glad that the claims found people acceptable. I stayed quiet about this find because the writer is Danish, and I would not even attempt to express such a complex thought in Danish.

Don’t scoff, I have seen equally poor English from Americans.

I'd agree that uncertainties prompted the invention of religions. However, religious institutions rely upon instilling even greater fears than they help, or profess to help fears that they deliberately instilled. I know that these sound like the same thing, but they are not.

The first is, "Don't be afraid, God loves you."
The second is, "Don't be afraid of God's threatened punishments for your sins because God will love you if you worship him." That is, thou must love and obey He who threatens punishment. Negatively parental, isn't it?

The persistent vulnerability of childish brains in adults who have not outgrown fears permits institutions that sell idiotic notions in order to prosper.

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