Deflowering the Tree of Knowledge

Arthur Vandelay at Five Opinions points us to a lengthy article on outlining The Myth of Christianity Founding Modern Science and Medicine(And the Hole Left by the Christian Dark Ages). Did I say 'lengthy article'? I should have said lengthy title.

It is standard Christian apologetic fare to counter accusations of vicious antiscience repression (Giordano Bruno, Galileo etc) by claiming that the medieval church kept learning alive during the Dark Ages.

In fact, until the Renaissance, church authorities enforced the same sort of fundamentalist, regressive, power-mongering tactics exhibited by 'modern' Islam, which has desecrated the reputation deserved by its 'flowering'. If it had not been for Islamic scholars, much more of ancient learning would have been lost to Christianity's deflowering the tree of knowledge. Currently, Islamic science is an oxymoron.

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